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This online radio station (netstream) is now off the air indefinately. Thanks for listening.

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Detailed PlaylistPlaylist
1159."Donaueschingen - Rainer Truby" by Kruder & Dorfmeister
1160."Track 12" by dpm
1161."Book of Shadows" by Meat Beat Manifesto
1162."Matrix ][ (trance mix)" by The Cynic Project
1163."Left Hand - Those Drums" by Jerry Bonham
1164."The radio station is now off the air indefinately. Thanks for listening." by
1165."Glitch" by Autechre
1166."Assassinator" by Meat Beat Manifesto
1167."Panorama" by Art Of Trance

Listen to the stream

The hIQ Netstream broadcasts it's music in the shoutcast/icecast format, which is based on the mp3 format. In order to listen to it you will need to download an mp3 player capable of listening to Internet streamed music.

The most common players available include:


Macintosh Linux

Once you've downloaded a player you will need to add the URL to the playlist and play it. Or you may be able to click on the "Play it" button at the top left corner of this website to automatically play the stream.

MODEM USERS: If you use a 56Kbps modem or less you most likely won't be able to listen to the broadcast. I'm very sorry about this but I'm working on a reliable way to broadcast the stream at two different rates, which would allow modem users to listen. Right now the stream is geared more towards ISDN, ADSL and Cable modem users or those who have ethernet level access to the Internet.

© 2000 Suso Banderas